I got the eye of the tiger…

Lisa Hartz

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about rebirth. Renewal. The remaking of a life. And as often happens once I start thinking about something, references to it keep popping up all over.

A magazine profile of an actor who says he’s learned to meet each person he becomes and go with that. A poem about the transformative power of loss. An overheard conversation: “Did you hear? She just up and quit. She’s going back to school.” Skye Zentz’ raucous cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar” at a Northshore Point house concert this spring that she seemed to be singing directly to me.

I also happen to be blessed with a number of friends who are undertaking dramatic transitions right now. They are all people who have very consciously answered the question posed in my earlier post: What do you want? And their answers inspire me daily.

A first child and a return to her other calling: teaching. A move to another state, and another state of consciousness. A return to the country of her birth to rediscover an ancient and entirely new culture. Early retirement and the opportunity to learn to play the accordion (yes, the accordion!) and master yet another foreign language while working on a graphic novel. A fresh start at a community college with a plan to make it all the way to the MFA. A husband and wife teaming up to start an online journal about their favorite thing, island travel.

I’m hoping to convince all of these intrepid travelers to share their experiences with you here. To tell the truth about the rewards, of course, but also the challenges. And perhaps to inspire you to consider upending your life to discover a new one underneath.

What do you want?

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