Give Local 757

GL757 RGB stacked Date with white.pngGive Local 757 starts tonight at midnight and runs through midnight tomorrow. It’s your chance to contribute to local non-profits in a very simple way, with a ten dollar minimum donation.

Seven Cities Writers Project will be participating for the first time, and we really need your help.

We’re on our third session of workshops at the Norfolk City Jail, where your donation will provide things like the dictionaries and thesauruses I was able to give each writer last week. These are the things they crave, things we take wholly for granted. Dictionaries, thesauruses, pencils, erasers. Your donation will help pay for composition books and folders. For used books from thrift stores. For loose leaf paper so my writers can copy over their work and send it home with me to post on our lit & art blog,

Here’s what some of my writers have said about the project, responding to our participant survey:

Marcus: “It helped me to find the beautiful and creative side of me that was just waiting to burst out. I’ve found a sense of inner peace and a desire to write what’s in my heart.”

Charles: “This class went above any expectations I had. Ms. Hartz gave us something to look forward to all week. She was a ray of light in a dark place.”

Derek: “I loved this class. I felt unjudged and free to express my feelings in any way.”

Calvin: “For once I felt free, felt recognized as an artist.”

This work has meant more to me than any job I’ve ever had. These writers are so grateful for my time, for the materials I bring. For listening. For sharing this craft I am so grateful to practice.

This summer, we’ll be starting workshops at two group homes for teenage boys, and a fourth workshop will begin at the jail. Please help us continue to bring the reference books, novels, poetry, paper, pencils, and inspiration to these underserved writers. Go to and make a donation. Thank you.


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