Please Listen to My Story by Eric T. Robinson, Jr.

Please listen to my story. I assure you it’s not ordinary. It’s not a novel. It hasn’t been documented on paper. But I promise, it’s still non-fiction. If it was on paper, this book would not be able to fit in no man’s library. My story has not been made into a movie. There isn’t enough money to get the necessities to reenact my life. Plus, who would want to watch the same movie over and over? Not I. My story is a testimony, only to be written on the tablet of my heart. A living story, which flows out of my mouth with sincere words, passionate truths, my eyes staring with boldness, cutting you with pain and wetting the ground below me with tears of joy. When I tell my story I’ll be slow to speak. You be swift to hear, because I’ll tell it once and walk off. Drop the mic.



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