New work from Norfolk City Jail: Men’s Block


In this chapter of my life, I am no longer consumed by confusion, anxiety, worry, anger, resentment, and fear.

These emotions cause imbalance between mental and physical and stunt their growth. The scars of life left by great losses forced a strategy of endurance, tolerance, and perseverance.

Moments of reflection and introspection allowed time to take inventory of the various causes and effects of life. Acceptance of understanding becomes the final task of truth being made plain.

As realization takes hold, I let go of all the burdens of my life, those burdens that are unique to me. What would be a crash landing has become a clear path on a journey, without destination, now supported by wisdom.

Wisdom encourages patience and persistence.

I have appointed these three warriors to stand guard at the door of my sanctuary.

Life will not relax on forcing obstacles. At every turn there is a battle with our own pride and ego. Identify the burdens weighing you down and subdue them.

Our purpose in life can be made known when we free our life of the gripping power of confusion, anxiety, worry, anger, resentment, and fear.

We are no longer consumed.

J. C.


My face momentarily held by the floor as plenty of hollow thoughts stream through a city of twists and turns.

In a rather dull moment, the sound rings!

Now, I grasp onto the memory. I clench with all my concentrated might.

It is hard to possess the flow while the images go past one, then two. And then there’s that one image.

Freeze frame!

Now what was going on here?

It was documented. I know, because I recorded it. It was cold that day. So cold my fingers turned pink. I went into the restroom while we were there at the mall.

Yeah, it’s the right moment.

But fast forward frame to the ferry! Hold this please, sir, and follow me. Make sure you close up when I drop to my knees.

Here I am, top of the world…and now down on my knees.

I look up and see her glorious shine. As she turns in surprise, eyes wide.

I ask to hold her hand into everlasting.


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