Two Poems by Roosevelt Harrington


All I hear is gunshots in my city

followed by mothers’ cries in my city

too many funerals everyday in my city

they 13 to 25 dying young in my city

police harass you in my city

also they selling drugs in my city

women get disrespected in my city

guess you can say ain’t no love in my city

I wanna change my city

into a peaceful city

make you wanna come and stay city

never rain but always sunny city

where the ol folks ain’t scared city

but at times I ask

who am I fooling about this city

cause we all know that this city

called Norfolk City aka shark city

ain’t nothing pretty about this city

so I just ask y’all to just pray with me

for my city


I haven’t always been the best dad

and at this very moment it’s getting to me

for years I was trapped in the system

not being there for my children

when I lay down at night I ask God to help me

become a better father now

see a dad help make a child

but a father take care of his child

I just wanna see my children smile

I wanna hear them say, I love you Pops

if I could turn back the hands of time

trust me I would quick, fast, and in a hurry

we all make mistakes in life

mines just cost me years away from my seeds

all I can do now is not make those mistakes again

that I made in the past

and become the father

that I was put on this Earth to be

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