New Work from our Tupac Workshop, Norfolk City Jail

Thanks to everyone who supported this new project, our project donors and sponsor, Prince Books. Y’all made a pretty incredible thing happen. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you I got more than I gave. Next up? African American Poetry Since 1945!


A TEACHER by Roosevelt Harrington

A teacher

One who teach and learn

and teach you things you never knew

A teacher

sometimes have they own problems

but yet finds time for you

A teacher

soft spoken, well educated, well dressed

expect great things, nothing less

A teacher

loves you and show they care

and always promise to be there

A teacher

lift your spirits up when you are down

give you what you need to get up off the ground

A teacher

has all the qualities as Lisa

and I am so glad that she was my teacher

A teacher


2Pac, the Rose that grew.

As I sat and read your poems my mind did 2.

Your poetry taught me things I couldn’t learn in school.

Takin on the 7 Cities class this summer was definitely a Plus.

To anyone trying to open their mind this class is a must.

Stay creative and with the process always trust.

And to our teacher I can’t thank you enough.

Yours Truly, D.J.M. SE7EN

SONG IN THE STREETS by Frankey Needles AKA Darryl Mosely

Blood hit the ground tear drop from his eye

He question God biggest question why

All his friends dead or in jail

And he still in the streets life passing him by

He can hear the sound of the crowd

As he lay on the ground soul reach for the sky

He told himself that he’ll stay clean

But his body hurt so bad that he had to get high

Didn’t think he’d ever O.D.

When it came to heroin known as the O.G.

And he always kept his ears to the streets

But he must’ve forgot ain’t no L.O.V.E.

He still had a pulse when the ambulance arrived

They gave him some narcan to make sure he survived

On his way to the hospital he finally opened his eyes

Looking up at the paramedic

Flashing a light in his face

The paramedic just smiled

And said today your lucky day

It’s not everyday someone make it back from the fentyn

I know you want to talk but right now just listen

You only got one life please treat it like you care

Even tho times get hard it seem it’s not fair

When that pain comes back you just got to take it

And from this day forward

Tell yourself you going make it.

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