Please Forgive Me by Roosevelt Harrington

Some people in life may never get what I’m trying to say

But it’s ok

Long as I know

Babymoma playing games

Won’t let me see the kids

I ain’t mad at her though

It is what it is

Guess I’m down on my luck

Like four flat tires

The hurt in my face

See the water in my eyes

Dear Lord please forgive me

For the things that I done

Before Shaniqua passed

She gave birth to my son

11 months later

Jasmine had my other son

But right before him

We had to bury one

Rest in peace, Lay-Lay

You’re the reason why I breathe

Do right by your moma

I ain’t really trying to leave

What up Boss Man Cutty

I ain’t talk to you in years

Still shotti boys 4 life

Mr. Moo is right here

When you ain’t got nothing

Most people tend to leave

I’m die with my ship

I’m a different kinda breed

I’m a different Kinda G

I’m just coming from da heart

Admitting that I’m wrong

Ain’t that a good start

If I ever did ya wrong

I just asking please forgive me

Drinking on the liquor

Till the bottle get empty

Walking on the edge

Right now don’t tempt me

Have mercy on my soul

Dear Lord please forgive me

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